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2005-05-19 - 10:40 p.m.

You know I�m writing this in the hope that everyone has forgotten this page exists and therefore nobody will see it, think about it or comment on it.
I broke up with my boyfriend last week. The reason?
He thought I was in love with his best friend. Oh and that his best friend was in love with me and we were �meant for each other�. Which I disagree with.

His best friend, Mike, has been staying at my house for about a month. It�s slightly unorthodox, I�ll admit but hey, two friends of opposite sexes are capable of staying in the same building without jumping each other. Surely.

However I was starting to feel something so I threw him out (nicely). It was perfectly amiable.

Then today I had a doctors appointment. I was sitting waiting for mum to come drive me there. He was waiting with me (since he�s the one that forced me to go to the damn thing). Anyway, I had a slight freak out. Mike is great in that he can always calm me down.

The official theory is that since he�s got a baby sister (18 months) he knows how to be �soothing�. Well� that�s V�s theory.
So anyway, he calmed me down.

But I�m gonna go out on a limb and say he didn�t learn that particular method from babysitting.

Then the school secretary popped her head round the screen into the waiting area (where this was happening) and told me mum was there for me. And I left.

He came over later. Twice actually. The first time it was to get his �baby� cousin who is three months younger than him. She was telling tales online.

{We had a conversation earlier; she is forever trying to set me up with Mike. So she asked me �What do you think of him?� I said �Great guy, he�s funny, smart, sweet, a terrific older brother, good friend, great kisser�oh shit�. It was awkward. Anyway, she was telling people all about this online}

The second time it was because we �needed to talk�.

We didn�t really talk much. We sat awkwardly for about ten silent minutes and then he said (so eloquently) �So we kissed.� �Erm� yeah� �What does that mean?� �I don�t know. What does that mean?� �I don�t know� �Oh� *more silence ensues*. Then he left.

And now I feel confused and freaked out, I am wondering whether or not he feels confused and freaked out and I am also wondering if I could beat Maxine to death with a shovel without being caught. She keeps texting me saying �So R U going out? He won�t tell me�.

It is very annoying.

And also, I can�t actually tell anyone about it because half the planet wants me to date him, marry him and have his babies and the other half think that me having any contact with my ex boyfriend�s best friend is proof that I am a whore of epic proportions.
So here I am. Any suggestions?

No. No me neither.

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